Merchant Society

Founded by the stunning and big-hearted Alexa Jacobs, Merchant Society sells unique jewelry she has picked up from all around the world, especially India. Each gorgeous piece has a story behind it, and makes a positive impact on the merchants who sell them. Alexa scours the globe for her special pieces, hiring local artisans and ensuring that a percentage of her profit goes to those living in the areas where the jewels are manufactured. Merchant Society's mission is to assemble a highly curated collection of accessories that represent quality workmanship and original hand-crafted style-- the kind of pieces that people will stop you in the street to ask where in the world you found it. Merchant Society sells a wide range of goods including jewelry, scarves, handbags, stationary, and spices. If Alexa is drawn to it, lucky for us, she will bring it home to sell it. Check out the website for exotic yet timeless jewelry and loads of other incredible finds that are sure to turn heads.

And watch our video where we play around with the incredible Merchant Society jewels. Each piece is more beautiful than the next--the perfect staple pieces you need in your jewelry collection.

Merchant Society //

Photography by: Emily Knecht