My Fair Lady's Flowers

Next door to the lovely Beachwood Cafe, My Fair Lady's Flowers is the dreamiest (and tiniest) neighborhood floral shop. Abound with beautiful handmade arrangements, it is the perfect feature to start off Valentine's week.  This quaint flower shop is a must if you find yourself in the charming Beachwood Village. The stunning flowers look like they've been freshly picked by the hippie-chic shop girl and the succulent selection is especially impressive. You can also find some dainty, vintage pieces -- the perfect accompaniment to that gorgeous bouquet or centerpiece. If you're looking for a little aromatic and visual bliss, you've got to stop by. 

This is a great spot to find an arrangement for that special someone or to just treat yourself to some beautiful florals/succulents. Flowers most definitely bring nature's glow to your home, brightening up every day.

My Fair Lady's Flowers 2691 N Beachwood Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90068 (760) 807-8819 //

Photography by: Emily Knecht