How You Glow Launch Dinner Party

Our gratitude for the people we feature on How You Glow is endless, and the least we could do was celebrate them with a little dinner party. To say we are honored and humbled by every one of them is an understatement; these individuals are truly inspiring forces who we sincerely look up to. How You Glow is fueled by their amazingness, of which we are lucky enough to share with all of you. So, we set out to honor our first set of glowing features with an al fresco dinner, hosted by Kitchensurfing. We worked closely with our friend Kyly and Chef Free Dominguez to craft a delicious, healthful Moroccan feast, filled with fresh and bold flavors. Check out a link to the menu 'North African Glow Dinner' here. Our table was decorated with exceedingly gorgeous jewel-toned florals by the incredible Kristen of Moon Canyon, who adorned us with magical fresh flower crowns for the night as well. Molly McQueen was generous enough to open up her stunning home to us; it was the perfect backdrop for a Moroccan feast under the lights.

We started setting up early, delighted (and relieved) by the sunshine after a rainy evening. With help from Kristen at Moon Canyon, we set out to create a feminine floral theme with deep jewel tones of fuchsias, lavenders, and pops of orange with fresh kumquots. The arrangements overflowed with beauty thanks to the etherial lightness of bougainvillea flowers. Just as we were done setting the table, the food preparation was in order. We were giddy with excitement as Chef Free and the Kitchensurfing team started prep... we knew we were in for a good night just by the incredible aromas coming from the kitchen!

With signature Glow cocktails in hand and flowers in our hair, we got the night started with a gorgeous Mezze spread filled with eats like bright fuchsia beet hummus, flatbreads, feta cheese, and marinated vegetables. We moved over to the majestically set table to share a family style course of lemony olive chicken tagine, Kale Chermoula salad, and Moroccan caramelized onion quinoa. We finished off with a quatre quart cake with cardamom ice cream, and we all went home with a Kitchensurfing signature goodie takeaway bag, with Chef Free's addictive homemade cinnamon dried fruit and nut granola. The Kitchensurfing team provided us with an absolutely seamless experience; an incredible meal enjoyed with great friends and a spotless kitchen at the end of the night...what could be more perfect?

It was a whirlwind of an evening, as we were in a surreal state of gratefulness for what How You Glow has become. We're thankful for everyone who has taken part in the initiation of this journey, and we're excited to see where it will take us. For now, How You Glow has officially launched and all we can do is follow the glow...

Special thanks to David at Skinny Tees who was kind enough to give us all goodies, especially his super fun printed leggings. And Treat House from NYC who satisfied our sweet-tooths with their bite-sized rice crispie treat creations (so many fun flavors like Oreo, Reese's, and M&M).  Also, thank you to The Bouqs who filled the house with beautiful fresh delivered flowers. 

Photography by: Sasha Young (Dinner Party Prep- daytime) Matt Sayles (Dinner Party- evening)