American Tea Room

All tea is not created equal, and that's why we aim to source the best of the best. American Tea Room in LA sources teas and tea-ware from around the world to craft a distinctly American tea experience.

Learning from ancient tea cultures around the globe, American Tea Room has created an oasis of high quality teas for the discerning consumer. They have been creating an artful blend of flavors and styles that reflect the American cultural and culinary fusion since 2003.

With various locations in LA, we set out to experience the new look and taste the expanded seasonal menu at our new tea experience at their Downtown Los Angeles Arts District location. They have a selection of over 200 rare teas, some of which you can only enjoy in the U.S. at American Tea Room.

One of their most coveted teas is definitely the budded Silver Needle Tea. Thick, silver tea buds with soft aromas of jasmine blossoms and citrus brew into a shimmering, full-bodied copper infusion with delicate aromas of honey, jasmine and drying field grasses. The brew is very smooth, with no bitterness. The aftertaste is true to the infusion, with hints of cocoa and green matter. Not only this, it is one of the most healthy teas you can drink. Various health benefits of the tea include:

  • Budded white teas that emerge in Spring (the first out of five "flushes," aka harvests, per year) are rich in vital enzymes & nutrients that have been dormant in the soil where they're grown throughout winter
  • In addition, right before they're picked, they're shrouded in shade for a few days; these last shaded days help produce chlorophyll and living amino acids
  • The combination of these elements helps supports collagen in your system (and therefore, amazing skin) in two ways: amino acids help the production of collagen, and enzymes have been shown to help prevent the breakdown of existing collagen
  • The fresher and more high quality the tea, the more they'll retain all these enzymes, amino acids, etc.

Alongside this incredibly health-supportive tea, American Tea Room offers tons of delicious drinks in house like the matcha latte, and all sorts of fun blends. You can sit in their cafe and enjoy your drinks or you can take it home to brew yourself. Their teas make for amazing gifts too!

Photography by: Emily Knecht