Beaming is a gourmet superfood company with roots firmly planted in a very similar mission that we embody here at How You Glow: the pursuit of true vibrancy and a lifestyle of balanced wellness. “Organic entrepreneur” Lisa Odenweller, opened Beaming in 2011 with the intention of helping people realize the power of food as medicine and that what you eat and drink really matters. The first retail store in Del Mar had a line outside the door from the day they opened, and we're so grateful that we get to frequent this major glow spot's several locations in LA.

Beaming empowers people of all ages to experience greater health, happiness and vitality and to GLOW through the power of nutritious plant-based foods that taste seriously amazing. We love that Beaming promotes health as a fun, enjoyable lifestyle that adds to your life rather than depriving you or happiness. We are personally not believers in juice cleanses or diets, so we love that Beaming's Lifestyle Cleanse incorporates food, snacks, soups, probiotics and protein, making it super easy to integrate into everyday life. (We are actually on it now and feel so amazing!) Their juices are super tasty, and their prepared food is fresh and crave-able! We LOVE their Ultimate Thai Salad and their acai bowls are bomb. We're also obsessed with their superfood porridge bar-- you can mix and match their nutritious offerings such as Matcha chia seed pudding, coconut yogurt, soaked oats, berries and nuts into a unique and flavorful parfait. It's really the perfect all-day cafe where you know that anything you order will be whole, organic, unprocessed, and also very very delicious.

"Powered by purity and simplicity, we believe what you put in your body is what you get out of it. The mission of Beaming is to provide you exactly what you need to live a balanced, healthy, joy-filled life. We embrace organic plant-based nutrition and offer wellness inspiration to change lives.  It is our belief that whole, organic, unprocessed plant-based foods create the most healthy and delicious food available." We couldn't agree more with this philosophy and strongly concur that life is better when you're beaming. It's #howyouglow.


Photography by: Emily Knecht