Best U Studio

They use custom U bars to blend Pilates, cardio, and small isometric movements into a workout that is ... fun & effective? You'd better believe it. Do you want to sculpt a longer, leaner, stronger body, but still have fun doing it? For most of us the answer is: YES, PLEASE. Best U Studio in West Hollywood, LA, is here to deliver just that. It's rare to find an innovative workout that is both super fun and effective--this results-based fitness class combines aspects of ballet, cardio barre, pilates, and yoga stretches to create a refreshing new addition to the LA fitness scene.

Designed by the bubbly and beautiful founders Kodi Kitchen and Nadine Levitt, Best U Studio's signature "U" shaped bar has multiple functions throughout the class. They are designed to add an extra element of weight in the center of the floor to teach the body balance and coordination through core work and isometric holds. The instruction is easy (and fun!) enough to follow along but definitely hard enough to give you that burn and make you sweat.

The studio itself is light and airy, with a really sweet GLOW vibe. It is the perfect place to come with friends, as the music is loud and fun, which almost makes you forget you're working out. We are excited to add this incredible new gem into our workout routine and hope to see you there.

Best U Studio 931 N Fairfax West Hollywood, CA, 90046 323-650-BEST (2378) info@BESTUSTUDIO.COM //