Summerland Produce Co.

There is nothing better than opening the front door to find a beautiful package waiting for you. For us, things get especially exciting when the package consists of food-- specifically farm- fresh, organic, hand-picked, seasonal produce... and don't miss our EXCLUSIVE GLOW DEAL! Summerland Produce Co. is a 'Farm to Front Door' service, sourcing the best local produce in each of their weekly boxes and delivering it straight to your doorstep. Based in Downtown LA, Summerland was started by Angelika McKay and Alejandro de Castro, who have set out to make it a little bit easier to get your hands on fresh, local, organic produce. Their curated boxes offer a wide range of fruits and vegetables all year round, and even come with some creative recipes to help you expand your cooking repertoire.

Summerland offers a full-on CSA program, but if you're not ready to commit to that you can choose the frequency at which you receive your boxes. We love that everything is hand-picked just at the peak of ripeness, so you're really getting the best of what the earth's bounty has to offer.

There are 3 options to choose from:

1) All Vegetables 2) All Fruit 3) 75/25 (a combo of vegetables + fruit, our personal favorite!)

The costs range from $30-$50 depending on the size and contents. There is surely value in the fact that the produce is hand-picked weekly, ensuring the best quality and optimal ripeness.

We cooked some wonderful recipes with our Summerland box, some of which include:

// mini caramelized onion, mushroom, and spinach tarts // // kale pesto // // lemony farro with roasted brussels sprouts and carrots //

We have an EXCLUSIVE GLOW DEAL for you on your next order: enter GLOW30 at checkout to receive 30% of your order. We cooked up a storm with a Summerland 75/25 Box and we're sure you will fall in love with the produce just like we did--and be sure to keep an eye out for our recipes to come!
How it works:

    Summerland picks up fresh produce from local farmers and farms. If a product is unavailable locally, they work with a certified organic distributor.


    They carefully curate our produce to make sure it's in good condition. They then organize it and hand-deliver it straight to your front door.


    Get inspired in the kitchen and make meals with real fresh food. Plus you now have the benefit of catered RECIPES shared on


Summerland Produce Co. //

Photography by: Davida Williams