Care/of Vitamins

Bespoke vitamins and supplements made just for you, from the best ingredients, shipped to you each month. This is Care/of, a much needed dose of GLOW in the vitamin market.

As much as we try to eat cleanly and load up on nutritious superfoods, it’s easy to miss out on essential vitamins, especially when a hectic lifestyle gets in the way of perfect nutrition. That's where we look to an effective and targeted vitamin program that we an rely on. We've recently found the most amazing resource for this need: Care/of. Merging technology with health expertise, Care/of is the perfect online resource for the conscious consumer looking to up their vitamin game.

What Care/of does differently (and conveniently!) is that they create bespoke vitamin packs, adorned with your name, that are easily transportable and disposable. No more rummaging among all of your individual pill bottles- everything you need is prepped and ready for you in each Care/of pack.

To create your bespoke packs, all you have to do is visit their website, fill out a questionnaire that delves deep into what your diet is like, what your health goals are, and what your lifestyle is like. Based on thousands of peer-reviewed research articles and vetted by Care/of’s team of doctors, your personal information is run through data algorithms to generate recommendations just for you. They suggest supplements for your personal needs from their range of 30 minerals, herbs, vitamins, probiotics, and specialty supplements. You get a box with 30 daily packs, containing exactly what you need, starting at $20 per month.

From there, their chic designer boxes get delivered right to your door, filled with individual packs that say your name on them. What really sets them apart is their quality of products. Care/of is backed by a scientific advisory board, with doctors from Harvard, Northwestern and Tufts. They source super high quality ingredients from around the globe and include herbs such as ashwaganda, elderberry, fish oils, magnesium, rhodiola, turmeric, and vitamin C in their repertoire.

Care/of adds such an ease to healthful and glowy living and that's why we're hooked. Constantly hear good things about probiotics or herbals, but don't know what to take? Care/of will help you with that. It makes sense that since you're unique, your vitamins should be too.

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