Chantecaille // Rose de Mai

We are rose-obsessed #glowgirls, and we've fallen in love with Chantecaille's luxe Rose De Mai collection of beauty products.8U3A3393  

The idea for Chantecaille's Rose de Mai Collection came to the founder of the company, Sylvie Chantecaille, after visiting a field of the flowers in Provence, France. The Rose de Mai only blooms once a year in May and are known as one the rarest and most beautiful roses. They bottle this glowy goodness into their luxurious beauty products, and we couldn't be more obsessed.

Rosewater is a panacea that we deeply beleive in; it's said to help a broad range of needs including mood enhancement, healing inflammation, hydration and sunburns. The romantic history of rose water even goes all the way back to the Ancient Romans who would drink and bathe in it because of it's anti-aging and cooling properties. Needless to say the combination of Chantecaille's Pure Rose Water spray and Rose de Mai Cream leave your skin feeling beyond glowy! We've come across tons of rose products, and these are by far some of the best we've found.

Photography: Sasha Younger

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