#GLOWtravel Tips // Emergen-C

Staying healthy before, during, and after traveling is key! With EMERGEN‐C and some of our #GlowTips, your immune systems will be good to GLOW.

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With all of the long days of exploring, walking, hiking, yoga, etc. ahead of us during travel season, we need to stay strong and healthy! Traveling can be tough on our immune systems– from airplane rides, to new and unusual environments, to exposure to tons of people. Discovering a new place is incredible but also taxing on our health, that’s why we aim to be consistent with boosting ourselves with tons of vitamins and staying hydrated.

We love EMERGEN‐C‘s new immune boosting products that are perfect for our #glowtravel needs. You’re likely familiar with their original fizzy dietary supplement, filled with electrolytes, essential nutrients, immune supporting and more Vitamin C (1,000 mg of vitamin C). They’ve now introduced EMERGEN-C Chewables, which has the same amount of Vitamin C that you’ve come to love in EMERGEN‐C packets but in a hard chewable tablet form. They’re perfect for on-the-go or for when you don’t have access to water, and can be taken anywhere– when you wake up, while you’re stuck in traffic, before a workout. They contain B vitamins to support energy naturally and key antioxidants: vitamins C, E and zinc to support your immune system not to mention more vitamin C than 10 oranges! The Immune+ Chewables have all that plus Vitamin D and can be found in the Cough Cold aisle of your local pharmacy or market. We always keep our Vitamin C Chewables with us in our purses and travel bags on-the-go to get a potent (and deeelish!) dose of healthiness.

EMERGEN-C’s new EMERGEN‐Zzzz is a total game-changer, combining many of the vitamins and antioxidants found in EMERGEN‐C with melatonin to help you fall asleep naturally. We love this product especially when we’re traveling to combat jet-lag– it boosts our immune systems while we sleep, all the while getting us on track for the time changes! EMERGEN-Zzzz doesn’t contain the energy-enhancing B vitamins and instead has melatonin, a hormone made by the pineal gland in the brain that is linked to sleep and wake cycles. It’s perfect for that occasional sleeplessness to provide you with more healthy nights for more healthy days.

These two products keep us super healthy and strong. Along with that, we strongly believe in hydration (stay tuned for more on this!). Drinking hot water with lemon as much as possible, along with taking EMERGEN-C’s immune boosting products is a recipe for healthy travel!

We are participating in a campaign hosted by EMERGEN-C. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who support us. While all opinions stated are our own, we make no claims about EMERGEN-C Chewables or EMERGEN-Zzzz as products or their effectiveness.