Croft Alley

Croft Alley is one of those special places that you have to search to find. Their unique ingredients, bright, delicious flavors, welcoming staff and cozy quarters makes this place a stand-out gem in West Hollywood. Founded in 2014, Croft Alley is a welcoming cafe that feels less like a restaurant and more like a friend's house. Watch the chef cook up some delectable dishes like house-made turkey sausage Bahn Mi, tuna melt, prociutto grilled cheese, fresh buratta, kale salad and more in their open kitchen! Every item is sure to be delicious and gorgeously presented using only the freshest ingredients (some of which are grown on the premises on their hydroponic gardens). There is a bit of an Asian bent on some of the dishes, using ingredients like fish sauce and rice noodles. Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS the chlorophyll yogurt-- made in house, this is the best yogurt dish we've ever tried! The chloraphyll adds a beautiful green color and earthiness, balancing out the sweetness of the yogurt and berries. We would  like to eat this every day.

The space, in back of Alfred Coffee on Melrose Place, is semi-hidden, so keep your eye out for it. The cozy interior encourages intimate communal seating as well as interaction with the lovely staff that interact warmly with everyone who comes in. This is the perfect breakfast/ lunch spot in West Hollywood, and they have started hosting monthly dinner parties which we can't wait to attend. Croft Alley is truly unlike any other experience in LA. And don't miss out on their freshly baked cookies for a sweet treat!

Croft Alley 8428 Melrose Place Los Angeles, CA 90069 Hours: 10am - 5pm, 7 days a week //

Photography by: Emily Knecht