Curél Rough Skin Rescue

With winter on its way, find some time to treat yourself and rescue your skin! Curél Rough Skin Rescue is our go-to when it comes to locking in moisture and keeping our sensitive skin hydrated all season long.

Curél Rough Skin Rescue is one of our wintertime MUSTS. Between cooking, yoga, art therapy and the various other things we find ourselves doing throughout the day, we have to pay extra attention to our skin to make sure it doesn’t take a toll. Our skin tends to really dry out, especially getting tight and extra sensitive in the colder months (which are fast-approaching!)

Let’s be real...nobody feels great when their skin is dull, itchy, and dehydrated. We both need a little extra love and moisture to make sure our skin stays soft and vibrant as can be, and luckily Curél Rough Skin Rescue is ideal for relieving our severely dry, flaky and sensitive skin. This therapeutic smoothing lotion gently loosens flakes without irritation, allowing essential hydration to reach the areas that need it most. And we love that this dermatologist-recommended formula uses natural ingredients to relieve roughness and makes sure it stays that way.

After a full day of being active and on the go, a pampering is in need when getting home. An evening ritual may include a soak in the tub to relieve sore muscles and relax from head to toe. After spending some time unwinding in the bath (with candles and incense lit, of course), lather skin in Curél Rough Skin Rescue. It goes on like silk and seals in all the moisture. Our skin feels deeply healed, rescued, and renewed all thanks to Curél.

This post is brought to you by Curél. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that support us!