#getGLOWY // Rosewood Pantry

Celiacs to gluten-lovers, get ready to fall in love with Rosewood Pantry's classic treats. Keeping in line with family tradition, founder Suzanne Shpall uses her grandma's vintage recipes to create decadent gluten-free treats that make everyone swoon. Based out of Los Angeles, Rosewood Pantry hand-crafts traditional recipes into gluten-free deliciousness. With treats ranging from cookies, to rugelach, to toffee, Rosewood Pantry gives you a glimpse into sweet classics. Founder Suzanne crafts each of her creations from her family's recipes-- she works off of an heirloom vintage recipe box, where her great grandmother, grandmother, mother, and great aunt have been contributing recipes to for years.

Suzanne adds her own twist on these recipes through her custom blended gluten-free flours, which enhance the flavor profiles and maintain the integrity of the original recipes. Yes, the line is completely gluten free, but it's truly decadent and mouthwatering. Her cookies are so delectable, it's hard for us not to finish a whole bag in one sitting! In particular, her best-seller Chocolate Chip Cookie is pretty divine. Think thin and crispy on the outside, chewy and chocolaty in the inside, with the most intense caramel, brown-sugar, and buttery notes. Mmmm.

For Valentine's Day, Suzanne has added a chocolate indulgence to her menu, the Triple Chocolate Cherry Cookie. Crunchy, fudge-y, yummy, tripple chocolate cherry delicious. As she describes it, "it's something special, for someone special." So for those celiac lovas out there or cookie-obsessed, order these treats in time for V-Day!

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