#getGLOWY // Weck Jars

Made in Germany, these reusable canning glass Weck jars are as brilliant for storing various objects as they are for serving condiments or snacks. Weck Jars are not just for canning anymore. Over the past few years, these jars have been used for everything from jams, to wedding favors and candles, to lighting fixtures, and more. We love Weck jars because of their versatility. They're perfect for storing leftovers in as well as for containing chopped fruits/vegetables in the fridge.

The jars come with their signature orange rubber seal and two clips for closing. They are simple, sleek, and guaranteed to make your pantry items look chic as ever. Plus, they're way healthier for you and the environment! Make sure to store your food in glass containers like these jars, as we all know plastic can be toxic and wasteful.

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