HART x Merchant Society

HART jackets are a niche line of wearable works of art. Each piece is a limited edition, made from exquisite and rare embroideries created by global artisans. Teaming up with Merchant Society, they've come out with a stunner featuring exotic mirror ‘shisha’ embroidery hand-sourced from India.

Living in Shanghai, founder and designer Hart Huguet Hagerty became enamored by the incredible ancient textiles of the Chinese Miao culture. So she set out to upcycle these vintage embroideries into wearable pieces, showcasing the stunning embroidered textiles on the back panels and sleeves of vests and jackets. Each of her designs juxtapose the old and the new, as she places the textiles on simple and structured army coats or chic blazers to allow the beauty of these global embroideries to shine.

A close friend of one of our favorite glow babes Alexa Jacobs of Merchant Society, Hart asked Alexa to source textiles for her India Collection while on a work trip to India. Alexa spent nearly three weeks riding rickshaws across Rajasthan discovering treasures with the help of local friends and guides. She searched through piles and piles of tapestries and rolls of sari trim and would report back over Face Time coffee dates with Hart in Shanghai.

'The Merchant' jackets perfectly blend luxe gypset style with chic utility. To create this stunner, HART & Merchant Society have come together to showcase Shisha embroidery, which traces back to India’s 17th century, when beetle wings were first sewn into royal textiles. Today the meticulous art form can especially be found in India’s northwestern regions, where tribes claim unique styles and believe mirrors reflect evil away from the wearer.

Through this beautiful design, Hart & Alexa hope to show the world the exquisite handicraft culture of both the Miao and Indian people. Each of the jackets come with story cards that explain the legends and heritage behind the embroideries, making each purchased piece feel like a true collectable. Just in time for Fall, Hart and Merchant Society have combined forces to bring you a healthy dose of outerwear #glow.

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HART x Merchant Society // www.harthagerty.com // www.merchantsociety.com