Real talk: Guisados makes the best tacos we've ever eaten. It's all about their home-style braises, incomparable fresh handmade tortillas, and incredible family tradition behind it all that makes this place one of our favorites in LA. We had the pleasure of meeting with the owners, Armando and his son Armando Jr., who explained to us just what Guisados means: to be braised or stewed. That's what they're all about here, long-cooking of meats in sauces to bring out incredible flavor and tenderness that comes with time, love, and patience... "just the way mom made them." And oh, does it make all the difference, because these tacos have complexity of flavor like no other.

In addition to their Boyle Heights, Echo Park, and Downtown LA locations, a fourth just opened in West Hollywood. As far as we're concerned, Guisados is killing the taco game and there's definitely a reason there is so much hype around this gem-- all of their success is truly deserved. It's their dedication to authenticity that makes their tortillas the BEST out there and their fillings so scrumptious. For example, they freshly grind their own masa for their tortillas around the clock, and deliver it to each location every few hours to ensure the freshest product possible.

Now let's discuss the food.... Definitely get the Taco Sampler if it's your first time. With six mini tacos, you get a taste of their top meat varieties-- and it's the most beautiful looking plate of tacos you ever did see. They're each incredible on their own, it's so hard to pick favorites. From the Mole, to the Chicken Tinga, to the Cochinita Pibil with pickled red onions... woah, glow overload people. We also love the Shrimp, Fish, and Mushroom tacos which were also winners-- dare we say, best fish tacos ever? And don't miss out on their special Quesadilla con Chorizo, made with grilled panela cheese, chorizo, and chipotle sour cream. O M G.

Let's move on to the drinks. Their house-made HORCHATA is heavenly, and if you're looking for something extra special, do yourself a favor and order the Horchata Latte. The Agua Frescas are also on point, including Cantaloupe and the "Armando Palmero" (a play on an Arnold Palmer).

We love this place because they know what they're good at and they're sticking to it. It's a family run business that does everything not only the right way, but the best way. We're truly inspired by Guisados and so lucky that it exists in our city. IN TACOS WE TRUST.

Guisados Boyle Heights // Echo Park // DTLA // West Hollywood

Photography by: Emily Knecht