Stacey Sun

Stacey is the genius behind dineLA, and boy does she really know what's up when it comes to good food in Los Angeles. From hidden gems, to cheap eats, to popular favorites, Stacey knows it all. Stacey Sun, a native Angeleno, developed her passion for all things food in this beautiful city. She is in love with the culinary world is all forms-- restaurants, cooking, and food-focused traveling. She currently oversees the dineL.A. and shopL.A. programs for L.A. Tourism and also runs her own lifestyle blog, which features food, travel and some of her favorite cute things.

A graduate from The New School of Cooking in Culver City, Stacey is a trained chef and cooks at home when she's not dining out (which is a rare occurrence!). Literally, this chick's job is to EAT, all while exploring LA, finding the best eats, and sharing it with the rest of us. What we love most about Stacey's taste is that she's into all different types of cuisines and she really searched far and wide between to find deliciousness. Just take a look at the dineLA instagram for all of her various LA food finds.

When she's not eating out and indulging in the city's incredible eats, Stacey keeps it clean and #glowy. She brought us to her favorite healthy spot, Kye's, where she gets her burger fix without all the guilt. Kye's burger is pretty magical, something you really need to try for yourself!

Los Angeles is an incredible food city and thanks to Stacey the culinary scene is even more accessible for all of us. Watch out for dineLA Summer Restaurant Week, July 13-26.



NAME: Stacey Sun

PROFESSION: dineL.A. and shopL.A. Director for Los Angeles Tourism




BREAKFAST: 1 egg, over easy with soy sauce

LUNCH: Chopped salad from Alejo’s

DINNER: Roasted chicken and veggies (no carbs) at home

SNACK: Green juice that I make with a Vitamix: Celery, kale, parsley, cilantro, lemon, apple and apple cider vinegar

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SPOTS/RESTAURANTS TO EAT HEALTHY? Kye’s on Montana. Everything is dairy free and organic. Their KyeRito, which is a hybrid of a wrap/roll/burrito is perfect for on-the-go eating. My favorite one is the Nori Burger. It really tastes like a cheeseburger but without the guilt. 

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE INDULGENCE? Donuts from Blinkie’s in Woodland Hills, pies made by Roxana Jullapat, and croissants from Sugarbloom Bakery. I can’t get enough of anything with lots of butter and flour.

WHERE ARE YOUR FAVORITE SPOTS/RESTAURANTS TO INDULGE? Sushi is where I indulge. My favorite spots are Sugarfish for my weekly fix, Nozawa Bar (if I really want to splurge), and Echigo.

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR LAST MEAL ON EARTH? Anything that my mom makes. She’s a great cook, especially when it comes to Chinese food and I always look forward to family dinner at home.

WHAT IS THE BEST DISH YOU COOK/ YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE? My spicy sausage pasta dish. It’s a crowd pleaser and simple to make. Here’s the recipe:

WHERE DO YOU GROCERY SHOP? I always go to the Saturday Santa Monica Farmers Market at the Promenade and grab anything seasonal. The produce inspires my cooking.

TOP 3 ITEMS YOU ALWAYS HAVE IN YOUR KITCHEN? Eggs, frozen bananas for that impromptu banana bread, and Compartes chocolates for an after-dinner snack.

WHAT IS YOUR FITNESS REGIMEN? (how often & what you do) I go on a 2-mile run every morning, on Saturdays I go to Yogahop and on Sundays I go to SoulCycle. I’m obsessed with SoulCycle right now. It’s a great burn and I always feel energized after class. 

WHAT IS YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE? (products, facials, etc) I’ve recently discovered Restorsea and have noticed a huge difference in my skin and how it feels. For facials, I go to Dermalogica on Montana every couple of months. They do a great job and are very thorough.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE MAKEUP/NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS? I’m a big fan of Jane Iredale, a mineral makeup brand, especially the pressed powder which I use as a foundation. It doesn’t look heavy and has the right amount of coverage.


1. Restorsea face cream + sunscreen

2. Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil

3. Urban Decay Cannonball mascara


1. I’m Callin’ by Tennis

2. Love On Top by Beyonce

3. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sisters

MOST-WATCHED MOVIE? The Breakfast Club. It’s a classic 80’s  John Hughes film that accurately depicts the different personalities in high school.

MOST LIFE-CHANGING BOOK? The French Laundry cookbook. I read this cover-to-cover and was inspired by Thomas Keller’s approach to cooking and life in the kitchen.

FAVORITE SHOPS/BOUTIQUES? Poketo for the cutest stationery items and home goods (plus I adore the owners Angie and Ted), Clare Vivier for her perfect clutches, and JCrew which is has done a great job of staying relevant.

COOLEST PLACE YOU’VE EVER VISITED? San Sebastian in Spain is amazing, especially if you’re really into food. I also went there for my honeymoon which makes it a very special place.

FAVORITE HOTELS? The Ace Hotel in DTLA. Their food and drinks are great and with Big Gay Ice Cream being offered up on the rooftop bar, that takes it to another level.

WHAT IS THE BEST GIFT YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED? The engagement ring from my husband.

MOST PROFOUND HEALING EXPERIENCE YOU’VE EVER HAD? I went to Baja and stayed at Rancho Pescadero, the most magical resort. It’s a smaller, boutique hotel on a desolate beach with no TV’s or internet and they had the best hospitality. I was forced to unplug and loved it.

DESCRIBE YOUR PERFECT DAY. Yogahop or Soul Cycle in the morning, a green juice, sushi for lunch, a massage at CURE Salon & Spa in West Hollywood, dinner w/ my husband and friends at Odys+Penelope, then stay in and watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE BEAUTY TIP/SECRET? Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. Get lots of sleep.

FAVORITE QUOTE? Every day brings new choices. – Martha Beck

WHAT MAKES YOU GLOW? I enjoy having guests over for dinner and cooking for the people I care about the most.

Photography by: Emily Knecht