Hello, Kyerito, we're kinda obsessed with you! Kye's on Montana offers tasty superfoods in portable "Kyerito" burrito style packages. Kye's is a new fast-casual restaurant that serves up superfood burritos named "Kyerito", invented by owner Jeanne Cheng. This portable seaweed or lettuce wrapped burrito comes stuffed with various delicious proteins, whole grains, and vegetables. Everything from a burger-style wrap, to smoked salmon and eggs, to turkey reuben flavors. They're all naturally gluten-free, easily vegan or Paleo — get your recommended daily allowance of tasty goodness no matter which KyeRito™ you crave. With its artfully designed packaging and patent pending slip-wrap technique, the KyeRito™ stays fresh and crisp, making it perfect for on the go, delivery, and catered events.

Owner Jeanne Cheng has a degree in both traditional and holistic medicine. She believes in nurturing the mind, body, and spirit through food. Having studied the mind-body connection, health, healing, and meditation for more than 30 years, Jeanne has earned degrees in Molecular Biology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Spiritual Psychology. Initially inspired to create delicious meals full of superfood nutrition for her allergy-laden son, which she calls Kye Chi, Jeanne realized that she needed to share this goodness with the rest of the world. She is truly empowering others to eat with a new dining experience that’s nourishing, delicious, and super cool.

The ingredients at Kye's are all superfoods and wholefoods that have naturally high nutritional profiles, containing antioxidants and phytonutrients. From whole grain brown rice, to goji berries, to nori, to umeboshi, Kye's food is health-supportive and health-boosting. Even the desserts are nutritious-- do NOT miss the black bean brownies, kabocha squash squares and chocolate avocado pudding... they'll make you #glow crazy.

Kye's 1518 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA 90403 (310) 395-5937 //

Photography by: Emily Knecht