Individual Medley

Individual Medley is Atwater Village's source for fashion and glow. While you're in the neighborhood buying some fresh goodies from the Atwater Village Farm, checking out the Individual Medley Store is a must. This little boutique is lovingly filled with beautiful pieces -- simple clothing, gorgeous throw pillows, amazing knits, and locally made goods. The welcoming atmosphere immediately pulls you in as you're greeted by the kind owner. There's even a teepee inside, making the store all the more vibey. Every purchase made here is bound to be something special, like our personal favorite, Jessie's Current Elliot overalls. Don't miss Individual Medley's special events as well, such as flower tutorials and food pop-ups with Miss Valleybrinkroad herself.

Individual Medley 3176 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90039 (323) 665-5344 //

Photographed by: Emily Knecht