Jasmin Larian // Cult Gaia

The OG Flower Crown goddess is none other than Jasmin. She created Cult Gaia and instantly took the world by storm with her unique flower crowns and is doing it again with her iconic Gaias Ark Bag.

An LA girl through and through, Jasmin Larian has a keen eye for weaving a whimsical Cali sensibility into her designs. This beauty has an incredible imagination; she added a major dose of glow into the world with her stunning flower crowns and playful headbands from her brand Cult Gaia. Now she's doing it again with her latest creation, the Gaia's Ark Bag. We're pretty obsessed with it, as is every other girl around and she hasn’t been able to keep the iconic bag in stock since it skyrocketed this Summer. With a waiting list of thousands…she is finally restocking TODAY. 

This bamboo bag was inspired by vintage Japanese picnic bags and comes in two sizes ($88/small, $98/large).It's a real show-stopper and gives your wardrobe the perfect punch - a new classic meant to transcend trends. And to prove it - Cult Gaia is offering a lifetime warranty on the bag! It was picked up by Moda Operandi, Five Story and more and is now available in a lucite version on pre-order on MO - it’s oh-so-glowy and we will both be rocking it proudly.

Cult Gaia //



Name: Jasmin Larian

Nickname: Jaz

Where did you grow up: Sunny Los Angeles, CA

When you are eating healthy, what is a typical…

Breakfast: one egg in an Ezekiel bread hole over a bed of grilled shaved brussel sprouts and avocado with some Valentina Hot Sauce or an apple if im in a hurry.

Lunch: Salad or sandwich, sometimes just a snack…I’m all over the place so it’s not consistent. 

Dinner:I love Bambou le Pho’s secret special fish pho.It’s great on cold, cozy nights.

Snack: Honeycrisp apples are my favorite! 

What are your favorite spots/restaurants to eat healthy? Erewhon, Mendocino Farms (best salad), and my moms house. 

What is your favorite indulgence? Ferrero Rocher. 

What are your favorite places/restaurants to indulge? Madeos, Sugarfish, Il Pastaio

What would be your last meal on earth? Any of my moms Persian dishes or Il Pastaio’s agnolloti, or a meal in Italy. 

What is the best dish you cook / your favorite recipe? Grilled shrimp, marinated in lime, lemon and beer.

Where do you grocery shop in LA? Farmers Market, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Erewhon.

What is your fitness regimen? (how often & what you do) Pilates 3-4x a week and spinning once a week…I’ve slowed down on heavy cardio like spinning because my body is more responsive to low intensity training like Pilates, walking and yoga. 

What is your skin care routine? (products, facials, etc) I use Verabella skin care products.Grapefuit scrub face wash with a clarisonic Cleanser, Herbal Tonic Toner, and a lavender aloe moisturizer.Shiseido Sunscreen during the day. 

What are your favorite natural make up/ beauty products? Chantecaille foundation.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 products would you take with you? Iphone with endless battery packs, Evian Spray, Sunscreen

What professional beauty/fitness/health gurus do you swear by? Hmmmm, does my mom count? I don’t really have any, maybe its time I find one…but here’s looking to you guys at How they Glow to pave my way!

Top 3 favorite songs? EVER? This question is making me anxious. I like variety.

Most life-changing book? The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Coffee table books are my favorite gifts. 

Describe your perfect day. Waking up with a sun drenched beach view.White sand, bright blue water.Green juice, walk on the beach, some stretching. Working, Playing.A corona light beer with a lime and some salt at mid day with a Mexican or italian lunch.Spending time with awesome people and kindred spirits, and ending the night dancing to hip hop and watching the stars.

What is your most valuable beauty tip/secret? Lemon and water with a touch of turmeric every morning before breakfast. And BLUSH! I love my Tom Ford Blush or Nars Gilda blush.

What makes you glow? Playfulness.And Blush.