Julie's Organic Ice Cream

Ice cream is hands down one of our most frequent indulgences! See why we're totally in love with Julie's Organic and how we put a glowy spin on our favorite sweet treat.  A "glowy lifestyle" is both balanced and pleasure-oriented. We are very much in favor of indulging, but only when done mindfully and intentionally, and of course in moderation. Prioritizing pleasure, enjoyment and deliciousness without feelings of guilt is key to living a happy life. This means that choosing wisely about what you consume is of utmost importance. Truthfully, we glow girls are ice cream obsessed -- it is quite possibly our favorite dessert. Since we love it so much, we really make sure to do our research so that we're eating ice cream with the best ingredients... which also happens to mean the freshest, best taste.  Julie’s Organic sources only the finest ingredients from nature, never using anything genetically modified. Julie's Organic's creamy texture, depth of flavor, and wholesome goodness are simply irresistible. Plus, it's no secret that our bodies digest better when we can rest assured that what we're eating is clean and pure.

Just as we always have ice cream in the freezer, we always have our superfood staples stocked in our fridge and pantries. What better way to glow-up your ice cream than to add some immunity and antioxidant packed toppings? Some examples include Goji berries, Goldenberries, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, slivered almonds, bee pollen, cacao nibs, dates, figs etc!  You can be creative and add whatever nutritious add-ons you like, so it never gets old. We're all about incorporating an extra dose of healthiness to our Julie's Organic moment. What flavors are we crushing on at the moment? It is definitely a toss up (they're all insanely good) but our current rotation is Strawberries & Cream and Mango non-dairy sorbet. Scroll through the photos to see how we enjoyed them.