Lacrème Beautè

We've fallen in love with Victoria Galbraith Wachtel's organic skincare brand Lacrème Beauté. This line is super pure, chemical free, and really makes you feel amazing... just as nature intends. Lacrème Beautè Superior Skincare is a skincare line like no other. Merging luxe feel with organic ingredients, these products are chic and pure of goodness. Everything is made with ethically sourced ingredients with only the highest of standards. Think rose, beeswax, lavender essential oils-- these products are not only effective but they seriously make you feel incredible and smell even better!

A lover of skincare products, beauty oils, and all things healing, creator Victoria who is London-based has searched the globe far and wide for natural remedies. All of her friends go to her as a resource for the best and new secret beauty products, and because of this she was inspired to create her own line with the vast knowledge she gathered over the years. Not to mention, her own glowing and perfect complexion is a testament to the incredible power of her own products. Each product she creates is intended to penetrate, feed, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Fine lines will diminish and your skin will gain an stunning luminosity and glow once you start using Lacrème Beautè, feeding the skin as nature intended.

We can't get enough of the GLOW Hydrating Face Treatement. It's the ultimate product to bring nourishment and vitality back to the skin. With the additional benefit of Sea buckthorn oil which feeds and protects the skin like no other oil, along with the magic properties of argan oil, camelia oil and calendula oil. We use this especially when we travel, which tends to leave use dry. GLOW also has excellent results with skin conditions such as excema and psoriasis, and it can even be used as a deep cleanser.

The Organic Rose Face Cream, Rose and Argan Rejuvenating Face Serum, and Cucumber Eye Cream, Rose Lip Balm, and Bee Venom Overnight Mask are other favorites--- all infused with nature's goodness, powerful ingredients, and feel-good properties. If you're looking for high-end organic beautifying products, Lacrème Beautè is it! You can find these products in LA as well as on their site, which will be conveniently shipped to anywhere around the globe!

Keep an eye out for an upcoming special GLOW collab coming soon <3

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Photography by: Brian Charles Lehrer