Last Minute Entertaining // Minibar + Good Eggs

Whether you're entertaining during awards season or just putting together a soiree, we thought we'd clue you in on some tips for last minute casual entertaining. With the help of our quick snack ideas, Minibar App, and Good Eggs, you'll be good to #glow in no time. We're newly obsessed with Minibar, a service that provides on-demand alcohol delivered right to your door, making it super easy to shop for wine, spirits, beer and more at the last minute. Enter your address, select your favorite wine liquor and/or beer, and a courier will arrive within 30-60 minutes. If you want to schedule an order for a future date or time, you can do that too, just enter the details in the delivery notes section at checkout. Minibar is currently available in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and Dallas.

GLOW DEAL // Us #glowgirls are big fans of rosé and we were so excited when minibar's local liquor store had 3 of our favorite kinds. We're psyched to know about this service and excited to share an exclusive Glow Deal with you all so that you can try it out -- enter code HowYouGlow at checkout for $10 off your first order!

With Minibar app, a strategic Good Eggs delivery, and our snack ideas below, last minute entertaining will be seamless and fun.


1. Get a good assortment of alcohol from Minibar

2. Order last minute groceries from Good Eggs

3. Cheese plate:

1. Cubed feta with lemon zest, olive oil, salt and pepper 2. Dried Fruits 3. Marcona Almonds

4. Make our Not-So-Deviled Eggs

5. Make our quick & easy Radish Crostinis:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F 2. Slice baguette into rounds. Place on a baking sheet in an even layer, drizzle with olive oil, and toast in the until golden, 5-8  minutes 3. Top toasts with your favorite whipped cheese, chevre or ricotta is nice, salt, pepper, and sliced watermelon radishes

6. Use some citrus and fresh fruits to make cocktails

Host your own soiree and tag us #howyouglow on instagram to share!