Lorissa’s Kitchen // Protein Snacks

What are you made of? We’re always looking for ways to up our protein intake in a healthy way, and Lorissa’s Kitchen has become one of our absolute favorites.

As you probably know by now, we pride ourselves on being discerning and supremely intentional about what we put on and into our bodies. Everything from the clothes we wear, to the products we use and what we consume, contribute significantly into the way we feel throughout our day. Once the importance of choosing wisely with what you consume is established, finding the BEST of everything becomes a favorite pastime. Our obsession with quality is what lead us to discover Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks, which has since replaced all jerky that we had previously consumed. Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks are made with only the highest quality meats, like 100% grass-fed beef and chicken raised without antibiotics. Rest assured that you will NOT find preservatives, added growth hormones, added MSG or nitrites in these snacks (isn’t it scary that we didn’t realize we were ingesting those chemicals before?! Yikes!). They are even gluten free! Luckily, these products are accessible to all and available nationwide at leading retailers such as Target, Walgreens, Kroger, Publix, convenience stories, and even on Amazon.com for those who avoid shopping IRL. 

We are totally in line with the founder’s values (Lorissa, herself!) and wholeheartedly love her delicious line of meat snacks. Lorissa’s intention was to create delicious, healthy snacks that she could bring along with her anywhere to keep herself and her family well-nourished, without sacrificing the quality ingredients that she cares about. This is exactly what we always strive for when we’re out and about for a day of features or travel, or just everyday life with our families. We never ever sacrifice taste nor quality, so every product we recommend absolutely has to check all the boxes. All of Lorissa’s Kitchen meat snacks do just that, and they make eating healthy on-the-go even more convenient and delicious. Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks are a good source of protein, which is just what you need to take on a full day – and a full life feeling your glowiest, most vibrant and energetic self. We keep a bag of Lorissa’s Kitchen in our yoga bags, in our purses, and never head to the airport without a pack in our carry-ons. Our favorite flavors are the Ginger Teriyaki Chicken and the Korean Barbeque Beef for sure! They are delicious and flavorful protein bursts that keep us full and satisfied on the go. The grass-fed beef sticks are a great companion on our hikes, too!

So, what makes Lorissa’s Kitchen better than the others (aside from the obvious quality and ingredients)? The taste and texture!! The steak strips and chicken cuts have a higher moisture content, giving them a much more tender bite. The perfectly bite-sized pieces are the ideal hit of protein to snack on throughout your day, and way easier to eat than traditional jerky. Lorissa’s Kitchen slow smokes their meat, which allows for exceptional tenderness and incredibly balanced flavor profiles. 

Now, let’s talk about the flavors!!! Because they are seriously next level. The strips and cuts come in Original Beef, Korean Barbeque Beef, Ginger Teriyaki Chicken, and Szechuan Peppercorn Beef, and the 100% Grass-Fed Beef Sticks in Original, Smokey Sweet and Jalapeño. When you’re craving something flavorful and savory, but also nutritious, Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks are IT! 

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This post is made in collaboration with Lorissa’s Kitchen. All thoughts on these delicious snacks are our own.