May Lindstrom

May Lindstrom's decadent and exotic nature-infused line brings much-needed luxury to organic products.

May Lindstrom initially crafted products to use for her own extremely sensitive skin woes. She was determined to keep her "clean" skincare standards without sacrificing any luxury and glamour when it came to her products. Her sleek, gorgeously designed products are hand-crafted, organic, and over flowing with exotic ingredients boasting benefits that were celebrated since ancient times.

We love how all of her ingredients are mindfully sourced. For example, the raw honey she uses is collected by bees that forage on unsprayed flowers on a farm in Michigan... pretty glowy, yeah? Each product completely embodies their beautiful title, such as The Honey Mud, The Youth Dew, and The Blue Cocoon, and turn your skin regimen into a ritualistic escape. We followed May's instructions on how to use her unique products, which can be found on her site here. We hope you love them as much as we do.

 May Lindstrom //