Melvin's Juice Box

Melvin Major Jr is a downtown NYC juicing legend and a 20-year veteran of the city's fresh, organic juice scene. He's garnered a cult following with his always-sunny disposition, his sense of health and vitality, and his 100% organic and incredibly tasty juices. Melvin’s recipes provide the full healing and preventative benefits of organic juice to experienced cleansers while also capturing the taste buds of novice juicers. Famous for it's original outpost in Miss Lily's in Greenwich Ave, Melvin's Juicebox delivers the real deal when it comes to juice. Melvin's intense knowledge of fruits and vegetables makes his juice and smoothie combinations just right.

Melvin recently has taken his juice skills to the Dream Hotel, where we had the chance to meet up with the juicing legend. He has an air about him that is so light and positive, you can't help but feel the good vibes radiating out of this guy. He gave us a sampling of some of his favorites, including the beautiful Jamaican flag inspired Caribbean Coco. The menu here features the same juices and smoothies from the original Greenwich Village location, as well as a full breakfast menu, and all day dishes from the Dream Downtown's executive chef-- including super fresh and delicious grab and go sandwiches and salads that are available throughout the day.

Melvin GLOWS like woah, and it's definitely because of all the goodness he puts into his body on a daily basis. This spot is definitely one of our staples when we're looking for a dose of good vibes and fresh juice in the city.

Melvin's Juice Box 355 West 16th New York, NY 10011 646-625-4825 //

Photography by: Ronan Mccall