Okonomi in Williamsburg, Brooklyn houses some of the most stunning Japanese food around in the coziest, zen setting.  Their authentic Japanese Breakfast is not to be missed-- trust us, you'll be in pure HEAVEN. Okonomi, run by partners and co-executive chefs Tara Novell and Yuji Haraguchi, is Williamsburg's best hidden gem. This 12 seat restaurant serves up gorgeous seafood-focused Japanese fare-- traditional fish breakfast, lunch, and ramen during dinnertime. Yuji and Tara use only local and sustainable ingredients to comprise their delicate and incredibly well-crafted menus. These two put out stunning food that is purposeful and perfect in execution and flavor.

With their daily morning delivery of fresh and locally caught fish, Tara and Yuji make an effort to use all parts of the fish. Their prefix breakfast and lunch both include the roasted fish, while their dinner ramen includes the fish bones and head to flavor the stock. They make a point to use local New York ingredients, believing in the importance of sustainability and to support local farmers and produce.

Okonomi's set prefix breakfast is the meal of our d.r.e.a.m.s. It includes your choice of daily fish, a bowl of brown rice, miso soup, and seasonal vegetable accompaniments such as blanched greens with tofu sauce, Japanese pickles with rice vinegar and yuzu, and the most incredible custard-like baked egg tamago. We suggest you take up their offer for their "onsen tamago" which is a poached egg, and add some uni and salmon roe to make it extra glowy. Adding this egg/uni/roe mixture to your rice in the ultimate move... TRUST.

Their dinner service looks equally mouthwatering as breakfast, offering an a la cart menu of specialty Japanese dishes and picture-perfect bowls of ramen. We've yet to try it, but it's a must on our next trip to New York. If you're looking for the perfect Japanese breakfast and ramen, get yourself to Okonomi before the rush... you will be blown away.

Okonomi 150 Ainslie St Brooklyn, NY 11211 // www.okonomibk.com

Photography by: Jai Lennard