Rolling Greens

GREEN HEAVEN. Rolling Greens in Los Angeles is just that-- a mecca for home, garden, and every accessory in between.

Rolling Greens in Los Angeles is known for creating inspired environments from planted container gardens, to sprawling backyards and large commercial installations. With over a thousand square feet of antiques, eclectic found objects, fountains, baskets, decorative stones and seasonal home accessories, ranging from holiday ornaments to artificial greenery, at Rolling Greens you can find everything you need to create a stunning garden and revamp your home.

Their flagship store in Culver City is a sight to be seen-- tucked away on two acres of land in the hills that is completely dedicated to a delightfully overwhelming variety of plants. We met with owner Greg Salmeri who showed us around his sprawling oasis. Under his incredible direction, Rolling Greens is prepared to brighten up your home with greenery to any degree-- rather it be swinging by the Arrangement Bar and chatting with a Barista to create your own, unique succulent creation (which also make great gifts because you can cater them to a personality and they are long lasting) to transforming your yard into a gorgeous water wise landscape or adding a vertical garden to your home. They have everything at their very green fingertips to provide your world with more plant life in the more stunning way possible. They are also available for private events and hold workshops, such as the Geometric Wreath workshop happening the 5th of December.

We believe that GLOW is in the details, at Rolling Greens you can find every type of greenery, succulent, or floral to brighten up your space. Plants incredibly improve your environment, from adding clean oxygen to your space, to giving you something to care for and nurture. Plants and flowers (even faux plants!) add a warmth to your surroundings that ultimately lead to overall goodness, and you can find the best of the best at Rolling Greens.

Rolling Greens // Culver City -- Los Angeles