Spruce & Co.

#getGLOWY and get clean with these all-natural screen cleaning wipes. With our cell-phone obsessed world, we could all use a Sprucie to keep up with our healthy lifestyles.Spruce&Co

We are seriously grateful to Harvard Business alums Jillian Ressler and Jill Applebaum for creating Spruce & Co, or as we like to call them "Sprucies." These glowy, all-natural wipes are an absolute must for our cell-phone obsessed world. The plant based formula is derived from palm and coconut oil, alcohol and ammonia free to protect both our skin and our touchscreen sensitivity. Sprucies contains no harsh chemicals so it is safe for the whole family.

When we asked how this product was invented, Jillian explained that it came out of necessity,"When I was teaching I wrote a grant to get iPad's in my classroom and you can only imagine what 26 1st graders did to the screens of the tablets. I think I was on antibiotics 9 times that teaching year. I hated the chemical products that were available, and I also wanted to work on creating a product that you felt good about carrying around and sharing with others. My co-founder Jill worked at Google so is tech obsessed and also germaphobic. We felt we could create a cute product that serves a need people aren't thinking about enough."

It's a total no-brainer-- think about everywhere we place our cell phones, touching them with our unwashed hands all day long and then we don't think twice about putting the screens up to our face. Not glowy, people. Whether it's make-up left over on our devices, sweat from a good work-out, or just wanting to keep things clean while traveling, this product cures all of our cleanliness needs.

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