The Sabah Dealer

Sabahs are some of the glowiest kicks around. These quality leather shoes, authentically handmade by a family of crafters in Gaziantep Turkey, only improve with time. The Sabah Dealer, aka Mickey Ashmore, has created a line of traditional Turkish shoes in a fun and unique way. His brand Sabah (meaning 'morning' in Turkish) is really like no other. Hand-stiched, quality leather slip-ons that you can only purchase directly from The Sabah Dealer himself-- either at his townhouse / showroom, open houses, pop-ups, or through email. They come in several awesome colors, styles, and there are even some awesome artist collaborations for one-of-a-kind wearable art.

Mickey's beautiful east village townhouse doubles as his showroom and serves as a gathering space for friends, influencers, collaborators, and creatives. There is something special behind Mickey's brand and you'll feel that as soon as you enter his space. More than just a shoe company, it's a creative and social movement. Because of the direct contact we had with him in order to get our hands on some of his shoes, we feel personally connected to the product and to his involvement. Each and every Sabah is handmade and special, and you really feel like you're taking home an heirloom to be cherished. With time, the Sabahs will only grow in character and charm, and become more and more comfortable with every wear.

Sabahs can be purchased by appointment, open house, by email or phone. Keep up to date with these rad kicks @TheSabahDealer.

The Sabah Dealer //