Travel Diary: Hotel Le Toiny, St. Barth

Immerse yourself in everything wonderful about French culture while soaking up the most perfect Carribbean paradise setting.


// s t. b a r t h //


St. Barth is a little slice of Paris in the Caribbean. From the moment you land at the airport, you will feel immediately transported into an upscale French Polynesian oasis. Despite having recently endured a brutally devastating hurricane, St. Barth has rebuilt itself to be better than ever, a testament to the resilience and strength of their community. In fact, some locations were actually blessed with an improved landscape with the help of Mother Nature. Hotel Le Toiny just happens to be one of them… white sand was fortuitously blown in their direction to create a wonderful stretch of beach for hotel guests to relax, lounge and dine. Le Toiny is equipped with several very dope Defender caravans that drive guests down to the beach club, the perfect mode of transport that allows you to take in the exquisite view of the island. The vibe and food at the beach club are both outstanding… stare at the Caribbean sea in your chaise lounge while enjoying gourmet tuna tar tar, freshly caught lobster and seafood, and the best fried chicken ever. Dinner is also extremely innovative and excellent (the best fish tar tar we’ve ever tasted) at the hotel restaurant. Take advantage of the sweetest cottage hotel spa, just big enough to enjoy a perfect couples’ massage. You quite literally have no need to ever leave the premises once you arrive, except to explore the rest of what gorgeous St. Barths has to offer (which is a lot).


Hotel Le Toiny: Thanks to Two Nights In, our trusted travel agent, we stayed at this incredible hotel and we can't recommend it enough. Each room is a private suite with its own pool and terrace. The design is modern, beachy and clean yet super comfortable and livable — we truly could have moved into ours and called it a day!


Hotel Le Toiny happens to have some outstanding food, so you would be more than happy never leaving the resort. However, there are so many amazing options on the island that would be a shame to miss!

Here are the few that we went to during our short time there and loved:

Bonito: A truly special seafood spot with a breathtaking view. Delicious cocktails and drool-worthy fare, in a setting to match. Don’t miss the delicious ceviches and fresh fish.

Nikki Beach: Make sure to stop by for drinks and a bite any time on Sunday for the best day party! Dance with your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand. Make reservations or come early if you want to get a table! Issa vibe.

L'Isoletta: This is the perfect casual pizzeria that everyone wishes they had around the corner from them. We loved the relaxing, low key vibe and the pizza was so good that we licked the plate!