Y7 Yoga

DARKNESS + HEAT + MUSIC. With the lights dimmed low, a comfortably heated room, and a bumpin' playlist in full effect, this hidden Williamsburg yoga studio will make you glow.

Y7 is a challenging yoga practice inspired by heat, music, and darkness. The studio creates an intimate yoga experience while giving you a great workout to balance your mind and body. Y7 started out in a tiny studio room on North 1st, and has recently expanded into a larger space to accommodate the demand for their awesome classes. What really sets this place apart is the DARKNESS. Yoga in the dark is something different and really special. It allows you to lose yourself in the music, and focus inward rather than on what's around you.

We took class with Alex Sharry,  whose playlist seriously blew us away-- check out her spotify to see for yourself. The blend of music, darkness, yoga, and instruction from Alex induced a sweaty natural high, making us wish this studio could come back home with us to LA.

Here's a video giving you a better idea of what the Y7 experience is like:

Y7 Studio 240 Kent Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11249 (646) 820-0781 // www.y7-studio.com