This post has been sponsored by The Incredible Egg. All opinions expressed are our own.

Glowpeeps, have you been sticking with your resolutions? Have you noticed any shifts? We’ve made a conscious effort to stick to our goals. This year, we decided to take on a different approach, what we called a Resolution Revolution, in partnership with The Incredible Egg. Instead of swearing off every guilty pleasure and turning our lives completely upside down, we encouraged you to follow along and commit to layering in simple additions to your life that will actually change your health for the better in the long-term. AKA, we’ve still been munching on chocolate to end our days on a sweet note, but we’ve been committed to cooking more at home and focusing on eating more veggies and proteins (our favorites being squash + eggs) for sustainable energy and glow. This holistic, gentle mindset is truly #howyouglow. We hope that this approach to wellness – including delicious ways to meet goals – has made a positive impact on your mind, body and soul.

Our resolutions are not just another thing added to our to-do list that causes stress or anxiety. We aim to seamlessly include them into our daily lives and not make much of a big deal of it at all. This approach helps form long-lasting improvements that will actually become an ingrained part of your life moving forward. We weave our goals into our routine and day to day activities. For example, everyone must grocery shop— it is something we already do. So, we made the intention to shop MINDFULLY, mostly buying farmers’ market produce (like eggs, greens, avocados, homemade hot sauce), and cooked at home more with these ingredients regularly (hello, crispy fried eggs). In the thick of winter, we’ve been focusing on eating more eggs for the amazing Vitamin D benefits, providing 41 IU per large egg! By making small changes that create day-to-day health and sustainability for ourselves and those around us, it is much easier to keep on track with a glowier lifestyle.

Here are some more tips to keep the glow flowing for the rest of the year:

1. Check in with yourself regularly.

Check in with your progress, and notice how any changes you’ve added in have made you feel. Reassess and make sure these goals are still in alignment with your purpose. For us, it worked well to use the notes on our phone to make a grocery list before heading to the market to make sure that we stocked up on nutritious produce, including veggies and eggs. This also helped us check in with our progress and stay accountable to our mindfulness resolutions + cooking more at home.

2. Remember that it's OK to slip up (then get back on track!).

If you've faltered on a goal, what really matters is how you handle it. Feelings of guilt and shame are totally counterproductive to your growth. You should try and reframe these “slip-ups” as positive things that only make you stronger and give you strength to get back on track. For us, there have been some days that we have not stuck to our intention to journal, but we pick up right where we left off, and track our wellness progress from the day before.

3. Celebrate small successes.

Long-term change is not an easy thing to achieve, so celebrate your progress! It’s the effort and consistency that is really what makes all the difference. Positive shifts come from repetition to eventually form new positive habits. You’ll stick with these habits if you give yourself rewards along the way. We have been cooking 2-3 more homemade meals a week than last year, some of our favorites things to cook being crispy fried eggs plate, baked salmon tacos, and curry roast chicken. Invite others to share in your cooking, which allows you to celebrate and enjoy this incredible act of nourishing yourself with amazing and wholesome food.