Non Toxic Keratin Hair // Tania Whittier

We all want easy and effortless hair that shines. Fortunately, for those of us who weren’t given hair easy enough to shower and run out the door with, there’s a solution. That’s where Tania Whittier’s expertise in nontoxic smoothing hair care comes in. Tara has voluminous hair, which is thick and unruly at times, and in the past has relied on other (unfortunately toxic) treatments to tame the frizz. Looking for a healthier alternative, Tara found Tania who literally has saved her hair. Her nontoxic approach is healthy for even pregnant women, and her process really works!

Based out of Mèche Salon in West Hollywood, Tania uses her extensive experience in hair texture to really tailor the treatment to each of her client’s needs. The process eliminates frizz, smooths hair, and adds vibrancy to dull hair. Her gentle technique takes the 100% formaldehyde free formula to produce amazing frizz-free results that last for months at a time! It is recommended to do every four months, on average. After the treatment, Tara has felt like her hair has never been healthier and easier to control. She usually always braids her hair after the shower to control her natural curls into soft and natural looking waves, and with the addition of Tania’s nontoxic keratin treatment she couldn’t be happier with the results.

We always tend for a more natural approach to haircare, and Tania’s treatment is really a glowy godsend. We prefer hair that doesn’t look too picture-perfect, and what we love about this treatment is that is really leaves you with just naturally good hair.

For those ladies who feel stress from frizzy hair troubles, there is hope! Check out Tania and prepare to have your hair and life transformed.

Tania Whittier // Mèche Salon // 310-278-8930