Hallstein Water

Superior drinking water from a natural artesian source deep in the beautiful Austrian Alps

We have been absolutely hooked on Hallstein Water for the past few months. There is something so clean-tasting and pure about it, and for good reason! This family did their due diligence to find the absolute best water out there so that it could be delivered to your door. Read on to hear the backstory on how this water came to be.

The Hallstein family was determined to discover the true definition of “best possible drinking water,” and from there, scour the globe to locate the most natural, sustainable source of drinking water in its purest form.

Working with a team of scientists and water experts, they began to establish some core metrics for defining drinking water quality. Using their criteria, they began testing a large number of waters in laboratories. The results were eye-opening. What they revealed was that there wasn’t a single commercially available drinking water that met their criteria for “high quality”. Surely there had to be a natural water source somewhere that would make the grade… but where?

Determined to find the answer, their team of geologists scoured the globe for a particular geological structure that might produce superior quality water. What happened next took everyone by surprise - less than a handful of areas globally would even qualify! And only one in Europe: Austria.

More determined than ever, they re-focused the search to the area identified, and in September 2005 they found what they had been looking for - an artesian aquifer, 700ft (214m) deep in a layer of rock beneath Obertraun, in the Hallstatt region of Upper Austria.

The water in the aquifer arrives there after a 10-year journey beginning as raindrops in the mountains above, then filtering through layers of the highest quality limestone. Protected from pollution by a level of earth called a Glacial Moraine, the aquifer appeared to be the natural source they’d been searching for.


Before celebrating this breakthrough, they had to be certain the water in the aquifer was of the required quality. So a multi-year - and multi-season - testing cycle began, to ensure the water at the Dachstein Well was suitable for bottling. This allowed them to confirm 4 important points:

  • The aquifer was constantly replenishing

  • It had never been exposed to atmospheric contamination

  • It does not impact other water sources

  • The water was stable, with no change to its make-up over time

Once these facts had been independently confirmed it was time to embark on collecting a whopping 57 permits needed to collect and bottle this pure, high quality water.


Now, Hallstein Water is ready for you to taste - as unfiltered, unprocessed and unaltered as it is at the source. And we can’t recommend it highly enough!