Dimes // Dimes Deli + Market

Dimes and the recently opened Dimes Deli have certainly added an extra dose of glow to NYC's Chinatown. Take the jump to take a peek into the colorful and tasty world of Dimes for yourself.  Dimes is reason enough to venture to Chinatown. The dishes here are equally as beautiful as they are delicious; you'll find bright flavors beaming with vibrant colors and interesting, thoughtful ingredients. We especially love Dimes for breakfast...our go-to order? The egg sandwich is hard to beat--  fluffy soft scrambled eggs, jalapeños, cheddar and Dimes' signature hot sauce served on perfect ciabatta bread. From the colorful acai and pitaya bowls, to the healthy tacos to the hearty salads and sandwiches, there's something for every palate. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they've got all bases covered. The space is small and well-designed with pastel colored walls and minimal furniture. It is no wonder why the "cool crowd" is drawn to this vibey downtown spot as their local hang.

If you're on the move, Dimes Deli has got you covered. Located down the street from Dimes, you will find this charming little take out spot located in the space where Dimes originally opened until they outgrew it. Next door to Dimes Deli is a dope market with pretty much everything you could need from your favorite body lotion and rosewater spray to select fresh produce to quinoa and yummy salad dressing. Definitely a needed addition if you live in the neighborhood!

Dimes 49 Canal Street New York, NY (212) 925-1300 // www.dimesnyc.com
Dimes Deli 143 Division Street New York, NY (212) 240-9410 // www.dimesdeli.com

Photography by Jai Lennard