Kyle Miller

Kyle Miller is a glowing yogi who embodies the balance and essence of a true glow girl. We love that she's totally spiritual and super down-to-earth, spreading her light through teaching yoga and leading Yoga For Bad People retreats around the world. Kyle is a glow babe through and through. Her dedication to the yogic lifestyle is inspiring;  she practices and teaches with such grace and genuine, radiating passion. Her journey to yoga began quite simply because she was looking for a good workout. It wasn't until she starting taking classes at Jivamukti and decided to take a deeper look into yogic philosophy that she realized how life-changing yoga would be for her.

Like so many of us wish for, yet never actually end up doing, Kyle ventured out on an adventurous journey to India. She took an intensive teacher-training course up in the Nilgiris Mountains in Southern India, where she claims her life was dramatically changed--ignited in her was the desire to do good, the dedication of devotion, and the power to create her own view of the world. After this training, Kyle decided to delve further in her yogic teachings at Jivamukti where she studied under Sharon Gannon, David Life, and Rima, and became a certified Jivamukti teacher in 2010.

Since then, Kyle has established a thriving private practice in NYC and LA, teaching in yoga studios, offices, showrooms, living rooms and even beautiful gallery spaces! There is a sense of realness and joy in Kyle's classes that makes them so special--she radiates such a comfortable and fun energy in her teachings that encourages you to feel really good in your body.

She is also on the founding team of  Yoga For Bad People, a yoga based company focused on leading super rad retreats, emerging from the combined visions of NYC based yoga teachers Katelin Sisson and Heather Lilleston. YFBP leads retreats in the sickest locations around the world, like Turkey, Brazil, Dominica, and Nicaragua to name a few, where they find the perfect balance of yoga and fun. They mean 'Bad' in the sense of adding a little spice and unconventional & eccentric vibes to the yoga-- if that's bad, then we're so down with being bad.

We got the chance to practice some yoga with Kyle by the beach, where the LA sun and Kyle's good vibes made for a really special day. Contact Kyle to set up private sessions with her, or find one of her classes in LA at Yoga Collective.


NAME: Kyle Miller




BREAKFAST: I always start the morning with a large glass of lemon water or aloe h2O from Pressed Juicery.  Then coffee, with almond milk if I make it at home or a soy cappuccino if I hit the streets.  On a dream day, I practice without eating anything and have a juice or smoothie right after class.

LUNCH: Either a big salad or I’ll make myself eggs with spinach and goat cheese or avocado toast on Ezekiel bread at home.  Lately, have been obsessed with making bean and cheese quesadillas. 

DINNER: For dinner I love salmon and brown rice, a big salad, fresh pasta, I like to mix it up and enjoy myself.  I love when my friends cook for me or me for them, the most.  If I’m eating out I like Pace, Marvin and Axe.

SNACK: Green juice or smoothie.  Almond butter and honey on rice cakes or in a spoon 

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SPOTS/RESTAURANTS TO EAT HEALTHY? In LA, Pressed Juicery is my fav. juice spot and conveniently located in every neighborhood!  I love Main Squeeze on Main Street for their hippy vibes and delicious smoothies, and Kippy’s coconut milk ice cream on Lincoln (its amazing!!).  Lunch spots: Kreation and Urth.   In NYC, I love the cafe at Jivamukti and the Juice Press for my juice fix.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE INDULGENCE? My favorite indulgence is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!  Lol... mental indulgence... even yoga teachers like to turn their brains off.  Food-wise, I indulge like crazy... I love caramel and swedish fish.  I love being luxurious and treating myself always, whether it’s a manicure, a special dessert or hanging with my friends.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SPOTS/RESTAURANTS TO INDULGE? To indulge, I go to Hillstone’s  or R + D Kitchen and get their insanely delicious veggie burgers.  Or I have fries and a milkshake from In n Out, bake a cake with a girlfriend or go to Tatsu for big bowl a ramen and fried rice.

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR LAST MEAL ON EARTH? A massive, gorgeous cheese plate.  French fries.  Ice cream.  Fresh bread and with salted butter and avocado and tomato.  The perfect caesar salad.  More of a smorgasbord then a proper meal, I suppose.

WHAT IS THE BEST DISH YOU COOK/ YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE? I love cooking!  I love roasting yams with spices I brought back from my Yoga For Bad People retreat to Turkey and dipping them into sour cream.  I love making endless variations on avocado toast.  I love making pasta with tons of vegetables and aromatics.  My friends would say I make the best salads because I add a lot of stuff and really doll them up.

WHERE DO YOU GROCERY SHOP IN LA? I love Trader Joe’s because it’s so affordable and Whole Foods which is probably my favorite store on earth but lately have been all about the Co-op in Santa Monica.

WHAT IS YOUR FITNESS REGIME? I practice yoga 5-7x a week.  I used to fight with it and struggle with coming to class.  Now that i have accepted it as a practice and a regularized part of my life, the pressure is taken off and choosing to go to class is the easiest decision I make all day.  I got to class for a million different reasons and love receiving the teachings.  It's truly the part of the day I look forward to the most.

WHAT DOES YOGA MEAN TO YOU? In it's most simplest and essential, yoga is connection.  Connection to one's true self, to the earth, the cycle of life, to gratitude, to all of the beautiful people on this planet, and to the divine.  Yoga is the path from agitation, dis-ease, and affliction in mind and body to complete freedom from agitation and total, vibrant, transcendent well-being!  The physical asana practice helps us gain mastery and awareness over the most tangible aspect of ourselves but the physical benefits alone are not the purpose of this practice.  Over time, we begin to work on the emotional, energetic and intellectual selves, purifying our world view and polishing the lens through which we see the world.  We practice yoga through acts of kindness and compassion, self reflection and introspection, selfless service, asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation and devotion.  To the skillful practitioner, every interaction is an opportunity to practice yoga and everyday an opportunity to be a cause of peace in the world.

WHAT IS YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE? I’m always mixing up my routine.  Right now i wash my face with my Ava MD cleanser.  I spritz with either distilled rosewater or Dr. Hauschka’s clarifying toner and slather with Simply Divine Botanicals Sandlewood Serum.  I follow with Mario Badescu oil free SPF and Sunday Riley eye cream.  I love masks, too.  Eminence stone crop and probiotic masks and Kiehls rare earth mask.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE NATURAL MAKEUP/ BEAUTY PRODUCTS? RMS and Josie Maran, all day.  I way into fragrance, too.  I love Lisa Hoffman’s gorgeous scents and organic essential oils.


1. Coconut oil

2. Lavender essential oil

3. Rose water spray

WHAT PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY/FITNESS/HEALTH GURUS DO YOU SWEAR BY? Rima Rabbath of Jivamukti and Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga are the 2 women from whom I have learned everything.  They inspire me so much.  If you are in NYC, you must take their classes.  My Yoga for Bad People team also inspires me, each and every day.  We push each other to go further.

TOP 3 FAVORITE SONGS? That’s a hard one for me. I love music and it depends on the mood I’m in.

1. "Chan Chan" by Buena Vista Social Club

2. "Do For Love" by Tupac

3. "Operate" by ASTR

MOST LIFE-CHANGING BOOK?  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Swami Satchidananda.  This is my #1 and I make everyone read it.  This outlines the path of yoga so simply… the ancient teachings are illuminated and the inspiration is hard to deny.  Get reading!!

Art of Attention by Elena Brower.  Gorgeous and perfect for the coffee table.  Her elegance and grace come through every page.

Ashtanga Yoga, A Practice Manual by David Swenson.  This book is perfect!!  I return to his simple perfect definitions of vinyasa, drishti, ujjayi and surya namaskar again and again.  He breaks down the most basic poses and teaches you how to practice Ashtanga.

Jivamukti Yoga by Sharon Gannon and David Life.  Jivamukti yoga forms the foundation of my study and understanding.  This book gives it to you.  So much wisdom and insight to be gained

WHAT IS THE BEST GIFT YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED? I love receiving Cosabella underwear!

DESCRIBE YOUR PERFECT DAY. Wake up.  Practice Yoga.  Smoothies with my girlfriends.  Go to the market, shop for a gorgeous dinner.  Watch the sun set.  Make dinner.  Feed my friends at my place.  Hang out.  And I have to say, I really do love teaching and that would be a part of my dream day, too.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE BEAUTY TIP/SECRET? Lemon water first thing in the morning.  A tablespoon of coconut oil a day to moisturize you from the inside out.

WHAT IS A SIMPLE MEDITATION PRACTICE WE CAN ALL DO TO FEEL BETTER?  Meditation is powerful and effective.  Stillness of any kind helps soothe the mind and reveal our own resistances and blockages.  In all my years practicing, I still return to the most simple meditation I learned from my teachers Sharon and David of Jivamukti.

 1.  Find a comfortable seat (any seat is fine, cross legged, in a chair, against a wall).

 2.  Be still.  

3.  Focus your attention.  On the inhales, silently say "Let" and on the exhales, silently say "Go."  Let, Go.  You can feel the tension and stress melt away, as the mind becomes absorbed int his most simple mantra.

WHO INSPIRES YOU TO GLOW? I am most inspired by the teachers who I receive these beautiful teachings from.  Rima Rabbath of Jivamukti saw me as a teacher before I ever saw myself that way.  Her support, encouragement, dynamic sequencing and heartfelt teachings on karma and compassion have shaped me into the woman I am today.  I am truly forever grateful to her.  Nevine Michaan and Abbie Galvin of Katonah Yoga blew my mind wide open with their teachings on Taoism, sacred geometry, and their insane pranayama practices.  They vibrate with the joyousness of true yogis.  Sara Ivanhoe inspires me with her dedication, authenticity and fearlessness… she inspires me to study more!  My Yoga For Bad People partners Katelin Sisson, Kumi Sawyers and Heather Lilleston, inspire me too!  I feel so fortunate to be leading retreats around the world with strong, fun, bad ass women whose practice, study and dedication to yoga I admire. Lastly, but definitely not least, the students inspire me.  Watching them return to their mats, gain awareness and turn that into positive changes in their everyday life inspires me to hit the mat on my most tired and worn down days.

WHAT MAKES YOU GLOW? Being kind to others makes me glow!

 Photography by: Jillian Sorkin