Prevail Los Angeles

Prevail is LA’s premier fitness boxing gym. This boutique and unique work out studio is a refreshing addition to the exercise scene. Milan Costich, owner and total glow babe, has created an amazing atmosphere where the positive energy is palpable and infectious. It isn't often that you come across an empowering exercise regimen that is as enjoyable as it is challenging. Prevail's fun, high-energy group boxing classes will not only sculpt your physique but also help you acheive your healthiest lifestyle. The team's dedication to whole-body wellness lends itself to a community atmosphere-- Prevail trainers set the standard and work closely with each and every client to improve their body composition, endurance, strength, vitality, and hand-eye coordination.

Every class at Prevail is comprised of a warm up, mobility stretches, the Prevail boxing circuit and conditioning; all delivered in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Their program is constantly evolving to ensure your workouts are consistently challenging and engaging, mentally and physically, and you can always expect something new. Classes are offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels; this allows you to choose the right level of intensity for you. Classes go by super quickly, because you are moving the whole time- and the dope hip hop playlists make it that much better. 

Prevail is definitely on that #glow tip-- when we saw that Beverly Hills Juice and Mountain Valley Springs Water was stocked in the fridge for purchase, we knew we were in good company. As newbies, Milan showed us all the boxing basics from proper form, stance, and punches-- all super important components to getting the right results. His quick-moving workout is one of our favorite ways to get just punch it out! Check out their class schedule here and try it out for yourself.

GLOW DEAL ALERT: They're offering a special June Promo for first time members, at $89 for unlimited classes the entire month. ALSO, they're offering a FREE 3 Day Trial (consecutive days) to newbies. Be sure to let them know the #glowgirls sent you xoxo

Photography by: Brian Lehrer

Prevail Los Angeles 5957 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 452-0101 //