VIDEO // Homemade GLOWnola

GLOWnola is our favorite breakfast, snack, or sweet treat. It's super addicting and thankfully good for you! We showed our friend Claire of The Kitchy Kitchen how to make it, and we're excited to share it with all of you too. And we're happy to say that you can now purchase GLOWnola, just send us an email!

As part of our 10 Seconds to Glow series with The Kitchy Kitchen (see Homemade Candles), we made our special GLOWnola. Full of some of our favorite ingredients, this granola is gluten-free, vegan, soy free, and guilt-free, making it the ultimate #glowfood.


  • Gluten-Free oats
  • pecans
  • almonds (slivered + whole)
  • dried cherries
  • cinnamon
  • maple syrup
  • vanilla
  • coconut oil

Order a batch of GLOWnola and see why we're so obsessed with it!