Napa Wellness Getaway // True Botanicals + Auberge Resorts

Tara swept away to Napa last week for a few days of wellness with True Botanicals in Napa. Facials, wine, and Michelin star food, that's our idea of glowing. Napa is such a dreamy stretch of land; a true Cali-version of the rolling hills of Tuscany. Filled with beautiful wineries, incredible food, and some of the best spas, Napa is definitely the GLOW zone. For a few days of R+R, Tara set out to NorCal to experience Auberge Resorts with True Botanicals. True Botanicals is a luxury clean beauty line, certified with Made Safe. Effective and natural as can be, these products are exclusively used in all of the Auberge Resort spas.

The products are absolutely amazing; effective, clean, and made with the highest quality natural ingredients. And not to mention, they smell amazing which is always a huge factor in choosing our beauty products. Each product is made of super-concentrated, bio-active formulations that deliver clinically proven results without compromising your health. Check. Check. Check. All the things we want out of our glowy beauty routine.

Equipped with an away suitcase of essentials, the trip started off on a glowy note. The trip to Napa with the True Botanicals team started off right with rose by the pool. We spent week with the co-founder Hillary, who is extremely passionate and invested in making clean beauty products luxe and effective. Our first dinner with her and the crew at Auberge de Soleil (which is honestly one of the most incredible hotels in the world) solidified just how glowy this woman is. She walks the walk and talks the talk; from making our own bone broth on the regular, to truly enjoying chocolate and wine, Hillary understands life's pleasures of balance. That meal will be one for the books; between the table filled with glow girls, the incredible view up high above Napa Valley, and the delicious Michelin star food, it was heaven.

Now to the most incredible part of the trip: the True Botanicals Facial at Spa Solage. Hands down this was the best facial of all time. Do yourself a favor and book your facial with Laura, she has a magical touch and gives the best massage while all the True Botanical products get time to work their magic on your skin. The facial is customized with the True Botanicals products that will most enhance your skin -- between their Basics, Renew, Clear, and Calm, there is something for every type of skin, and your facialist will customize to your individual needs. You'll leave with a face that is radiant and glowy like never before. After that, don't miss the geothermal pools at the spa -- with waters straight from the source rock, filled with healing minerals.

The food at Solage is something that must be discussed. They cook up two dishes that will forever be on our TOP lists. First, their fish tacos are wroth the trip there alone. A perfectly grilled thick tortilla is topped with lightly battered fried fish and a red cabbage slaw that is tangy, sweet, and with just a little kick. That's it, they're so simple but SO delicious. Second, their gluten-free Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are truly the best pancakes in the whole world. Huge statemenet, but honestly they are. Fluffy, moist, super flavorful and just sweet enough, these pancakes have a hint of lemon flavor and a tart blueberry sauce to tie it all together.

During the trip we also had an incredible Breathwork Session with Ashley Neese, which is such a lovely thing to do as a group. Another highlight was the Organic Cocktail Making class in the Solage hotel garden. On our way out of Napa, we did an Olive Oil Tasting alongside a delicious feast with a wine flight. Smack in the middle of the valley, Round Pond Estate has both olive trees and a beautiful vineyard to explore. We met with Christine, the CEO of True Botanicals, and had some amazing conversation about the future of tech in the skincare industry and just how True Botanicals is making a shift in the beauty space. From getting to know the True Botanicals line and founders, to experiencing three of the best things (facial, fish tacos, pancakes) the trip to Napa was a dream.


Auberge de Soleil // This hotel is the epitome of a romantic getaway and top luxury. Perched up high in the Napa Valley, this stunning hotel has one of the best spas, restaurants, and views of the valley. Hands down.

Solage // This white-washed barn-style hotel is a quiet and lovely place to retreat. With some incredible food, amazing pools (geothermal), and serious spa, this hotel is an incredible place to escape.

Solbar // This Michelin hotel inside of Solage is a must visit. From their lemon ricotta pancakes for breakfast, their fish tacos for lunch, and their truffle chicken for dinner, you will be wowed like no other.

Bouchon // Thomas Keller's classic French bistro that is done to perfection.

French Laundry // Thomas Keller really put Napa on the map as a culinary scene with this restaurant. It is one of those "once in a lifetime" multi-course, very special meals.

Gott's Roadside // A fancy diner with amazing food, a Napa must. Get the BURGER.

Scribe Winery // A hipster winery that has the best vibes. A definite visit when you're in Napa, with incredible wine to boot.