Our 5 Favorite Yoga Mats

  Get the lowdown on our favorite mats for some yoga flow and stretch.

1. Manduka Mat :: Manduka is a super sturdy mat that comes in multiple lengths and widths and provides extra support. It is durable and will last you a really long time, so its worth the investment.

2. Jade Harmony Mat :: A definite classic and one of the best all around yoga mats. This mat is our go-to for portable yoga mats, as they are lightweight and easy to travel with.

3. Magic Carpet Yoga Mats :: The brand name says it all. These beautiful mats are pieces of art that will totally transport you during your practice.

4. La Vie Bohem Mats :: Another brand with stunning, unique prints. Founded by two friends in San Diego who bonded over their love of travel and yoga. Boho, Southern Cali, and feminine vibes can be seen and felt in every mat.

5. Yoga Zeal :: These mats are soft as can be! The fun, meditative prints (like the moon image pictured above) always calms and inspires us to take a moment of pause.