With 2015 coming to a close, we want to share our gratitude and love for all our #glowpeeps out there. Make sure to set your New Years intentions to manifest your most vibrant reality in the coming months, and sign up for our Bali Yoga Retreat to kickstart your glowiest 2016!


We are so moved by our GLOW community and want to thank you all for inspiring us every day. You motivate us to seek out the most vibrant, life-enhancing experiences, people and products...we are honored to be the messengers.

We will both be off the grid traveling to Asia over the holidays. Tara will be in the Phillipines and Tokyo, Jessie will be in Sri Lanka and India. Follow along on our adventures through instagram!


The New Year is a really powerful time of transition in which we can reflect on the year we've had; the ups, the downs, the losses, the triumphs... all of which were imperative for our own unique path. This is a perfect opportunity to think about what we're ready to let go of-- thoughts, beliefs, patterns, people, anything that no longer serves our greatest purpose in life. On the flipside, it is important to think about what we are ready to invite more of into our lives, dreaming up and creating our highest, glowiest reality. You will have a chance to really dive into this in a meaningful way on our upcoming BALI YOGA RETREAT we're leading in March.

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start, so follow along on our personal routine which we not only use for New Years, but regularly throughout the year to make sure we are living our most vibrant, elevated existence possible.


Find a quiet, calming place, preferably in nature. Take a few minutes to meditate, breathe, and ground... incense and essential oils are very helpful with this.

On a sheet of paper, write down a list of everything you are ready to release-- Stream of consciousness,  if it comes to mind, just write it down.

On another sheet of paper, write down all of the intentions you want to manifest. You can separate this list into sections if it's helpful ( Home, Romance, Family, Career, Social Life, Health.. etc). Do not hesitate to write something down even if it seems out of reach. What you have to realize is ANYTHING is within reach if you believe it is. YOU create your own reality, for real.

When you're done, burn or rip up the sheet of paper that you're ready to let go of. If you have dried sage, burn some to cleanse the old energy.

Save the list of your intentions. Either post it up on a wall somewhere, or fold it up in your wallet or somewhere safe. Once the intentions are set, let go and watch... some magic is bound to happen.

Sending you all LOVE, LIGHT, and GLOW into the new year and beyond.


xx Jessie & Tara

Photography by: Emily Knecht