Vintner's Daughter

We have tried countless skincare products and are always asked which ones are our favorite. Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum takes the cake and would be our desert-island pick. This luxurious face oil, infused with 22 of the world's most active organic and wildcrafted botanicals, is an indulgent treat for your skin.

As #glowgirls we get introduced to tons of incredible natural beauty products, and no matter what we always go back to Vintner's Daughter. This incredible face oil has added an undeniable glow to our skin, and we are obsessed with the way to it feels and smells upon application.

Created by winery owner April Gargiulo, who realized that almost all of her highly touted skincare products contained high levels of ineffective, toxic fillers. As she researched more and discovered the cumulative damage these chemicals have on our systems, April sought out toxin-free alternatives—trying everything from cult beauty oils to coconut butter.

Committed to creating the most active, luxurious serum possible, April began a 2 year-long research and formulation process. Drawing from her experience in fine winemaking, April, alongside natural skincare veterans set out to create a “hero” formulation that would address all of her skincare needs—everything from fine lines and wrinkles to acne to elasticity and general radiance. Much like the fine winemaking process, Vintner’s Daughter begins by sourcing the world’s finest raw ingredients and honors these ingredients through an exacting and time-honored formulation process. The result is one of the glowiest products around: her Active Botanical Serum, a powerful, multi-correctional serum for face that has earned a cult status the world over.

We use Vintner's Daughter morning and night, and upon morning and nightime kisses, we always get compliments from our men that we smell amazing (thanks to the oil!). On top of all of the goodness that comes along with the product, April gives back 2% of every purchase to charities dedicated to protecting, educating and empowering woman and children around the world.

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