Tara's Wedding GLOW GUIDE

Getting married is one of the most incredible life moments of all. Securing your love and merging families is such a beautiful and earth-shattering occasion, leaving you and your partner with the most magical memories to build your life upon. All the planning, prep, et all, is so worth it once you’re finally at the big day. Here are some glowy tips, tricks, and things Tara did on her wedding journey. Bask in the journey, and remember to stay present within each moment of your special day. Really soak it up!


Here are some of my wellness tips from food, to lifestyle, and more, that I did pre-wedding that really made me feel good.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar // I’m all about gut health, and apple cider vinegar is my jam. I pour a little into an espresso cup, add in a dash of water, and drink up. There are tons of amazing benefits to drinking this, such as regulating your pH, aiding in detoxification, and lowering blood sugar levels. I definitely was diligent about drinking this before the big day.

  • Kooshi Gourmet // This organic + gluten-free food delivery system is the real deal. Perfectly portioned, real food, delivered to your door; you have no reason not to eat healthy when you get Kooshi delivered. It’s absolutely delicious, healthful, and can be tailored to your caloric + dietary needs such as paleo, vegan, keto, pescatarian, and more. I highly recommend this food delivery service if you’re in Los Angeles.

  • Brodo Broth // Broth is super nourishing to your overall health. For the big day, we all want a glow, and drinking broth is one way to get it. Especially those of us with gut issues, broth has the incredible ability to support our gut lining and promote optimal healing from the inside out. Brodo is my absolute favorite broth, especially the Hearth and Seaweed flavors. Conveniently, they deliver straight to your door from their kitchens in NYC. It comes frozen, and you pop it in the fridge when you’re ready to use.

  • Pinsky Project // With so much planning (which can sometimes be hectic), an organized space and home is absolutely essential. That’s where Pinsky Project comes in. She organizes like no other.

  • Lots of h20 // I made a commitment to drink a lot of water in preparation for the wedding (and beyond). At least 2 liters/day was the goal. One of the best ways to get in water is to keep it by your bedside table and when you wake up in the morning, just start drinking. It makes such a difference in my skin and overall glow.

  • Beauty Bar Chocolate // I’m a huge sweets person, and honestly I feel happier when I eat something sweet. Especially when things can get busy with all the planning, a healthy bite of chocolate really hits the spot. Beauty Bar Chocolate is a special creation that is sugar-free, dairy-free, filled with adaptogens, and pearl powder. This stuff makes you glow from the inside out.

  • OHi Superfood Bars // These superfood bars are some of the cleanest and purest on the market, and they taste DELISH. I eat one bar a day (seriously!), and love them for the healthy fats and protein they provide me. They are raw, vegan, paleo, glute-free, soy-free, & dairy-free. AND glowyyyy. I’m obsessed!

  • Ritual // This women’s multi-vitamin has 9 essential bio-available and bio-identical ingredients that are proven as needed for the female body. From D3, to vitamin K, to methylated folate (the more absorbable kind), to iron, magnesium, and b12, it’s really a nutritious powerhouse. And the best part is that the pills are coated in peppermint essential oil, so they taste good going down!

  • Massage // Make sure to treat yourself to regular massages! They are truly like medicine. Especially leading up to the big day, massages should be mandatory.

  • Diet Tips // I was sure to focus on high fats and proteins in my diet, as they both promote good skin, hair, and nails. Fats and proteins keep you full and satisfied and filled with energy needed for wedding planning.


Pamper and primp yourself before the big day. This occasion only comes around once, so do what makes you feel your best and glowiest.

  • Facials // Before your wedding, it’s definitely worth investing some time and money into facials. We all want a perfect canvas for the wedding. I got facials with Jaclyn + Joanna Vargas. I love the hydrating sheet mask facial from Jaclyn, and she gives you an extra little massage (she has the best touch!) which is an added bonus. The Triple Crown Facial at Joanna Vargas is a non-invasive facial that is literally made to make you glow like crazy. It’s a bit expensive, but worth doing close to your actual wedding day.

  • LED Light Therapy // I discovered LED light therapy beds and used them a few times before the wedding. It feels a bit futuristic, but it’s really relaxing and has the power to heal from the inside out. LED light therapy is shown to aid in healing any cuts/bruises/scars, lower your blood pressure, make your hair shinier, and ward off acne and fine lines. 

  • Teeth Bleaching Mirani DDS // We all want pearly whites, especially for our wedding. I got teeth bleaching trays made by my favorite dentist, Dr. Marjan Mirani, and bleached my teeth a few shades brighter a few weeks before the wedding. Highly recommend doing this!!

  • Goby Toothbrush // To upkeep my pearly whites, I started using a Goby electric toothbrush and felt like my teeth haven’t been cleaner. The toothbrush is timed so that you brush long enough to get a super good clean. I love their pink toothbrush!

  • Jimena Brows // There’s no one else I’d rather get my brows done with than the magical Jimena. She is so incredibly skilled at her craft and she’s an overall incredible human. She knows how to make your brows work perfectly with your face and she will leave you feeling just soo good from the inside out.

  • Ambre Blends // We all want to smell good on the big day, so when it comes to deodorant I only use Ambre Blends. This natural approach to deodorant actually works and smells amazing. I’m also obsessed with their travel size, which was perfect for my destination wedding.

  • Kosas Cosmetics // Kosas makes the most incredible makeup products that really last. The clean formula is potent with beautiful pigments that enhance everyone’s individual beauty. I used Kosas lipsticks during my wedding and they lasted all night long.

  • Vintner’s Daughter // This face oil is pure gold. Filled with tons of active botanicals, it really nourishes the skin in the glowiest way possible. I traveled with the mini size and truly feel like it gave my face the glow it needed on my wedding day.

  • Beba Beauty // Lana, owner of Beba Beauty, is the best in the biz for eyelash extensions. It’s always fun to get lashes done before a trip, because when you wake up you instantly feel pretty. She also does house calls too, which is an added bonus!

  • Supergoop! Sunscreen // I am sunscreen obsessed and use it daily, even when it’s cloudy out! Sunspots and sun-damage are never fun, especially before the big day. I even made sure to put Supergoop! in all of my welcome bags at the wedding! Never enough sunscreen!!

  • Scotty Cunha // Scotty was my magical hair fairy goddess who came to Italy to make me feel my most beautiful self. We did three different hair looks on the day of the wedding, and I couldn’t be more obsessed with his incredible skills as well as his perfect and most fun personality!! Scotty is truly the best and my angel. He is seriously the best in the business.

  • Jeyannay // This magical soul is based in London, and for those of you who are doing a destination wedding in Europe, consider flying her out. She is incredible at her creaft and has the most lovely and upbeat demeanor. Couldn’t have been happier with the results (on me and my whole family, we have never looked more gorgeous in my opinion!) and I truly felt beautiful thanks to her!


I didn’t start ramping up my work outs until about 3 weeks before the wedding. I focused mostly on pilates to tone up in the right way.

  • Natural Pilates // There’s really nothing like pilates to tone, lift, and lengthen. I had always wanted to get into pilates and I’m so glad I got introduced to it before the wedding. I did 10 classes at Natural Pilates and felt like my body really changed for the better. Their small classes are intimate and really work your muscles in the best way possible.

  • Walks // Walking is a huge part of my daily routine. Most all of my days start with a 30 minute walk to coffee with my husband + dog. It’s really the most natural workout around, you get fresh air, and I couldn’t be more obsessed with it.

  • Cardio // Sometimes we all need an extra boost of cardio, that’s where I would suggest sprinkling in a spin class, treadmill, and versa-climber workout every now and then. I also love Hot Pilates, which raises your heart rate and tones like no other!


While I had my actual wedding away in Italy, I did have my engagement party and bridal shower in Los Angeles. These two vendors are my top picks.

  • Haute Chefs // Haute Chefs are my favorite chef caterers around. They made the food at my engagement party and, just WOW! They arranged a fresh pasta bar, meat station, and salad station, on top of their insanely incredible cheese, charcuterie, fruits, dips, and more, gorgeous table spread. Their food tastes seriously delicious and is so stunning on top of that. Owners Jen and Jeffrey are the best in the business, they so warm, talented, kind, and just so darn lovely. Absolutely love them.

  • MJ Design LA //  MJ is a floral goddess and she creates incredible arrangements with so much thought and care. She has the ability to truly echo my personality into her floral arrangements, and she made both my engagement party and bridal shower filled to the brim with the most gorgeous florals ever. I’m obsessed with her and her amazing positive attitude on top of it all, and couldn’t recommend her enough.


I took my wedding as an opportunity to get everything monogrammed. Did I go overboard?Probably!! But, it was the most fun and you only get married once, so… !

  • Sloan // These are some of the best and coziest PJ’s ever made. We are obsessed with Sloan, and for my wedding I get a special monogrammed set made. At my wedding, we had a movie night, and I changed into their white set and it was just perfect.

  • Clare V Monograms // It’s no lie, we are Clare V obsessed, especially with their new painted monograms. For my wedding trip, I got a white petite Alistair round bag, and got my new initials painted on the front in pink/red. It’s seriously the cutest.

  • DTLACUSTOM Painted Passport Cases // Since I got married abroad, I wanted to get my husband and I matching Goyard passport cases with our initials on them. DTLAcustom brought my vision to life perfectly, and I couldn’t be more obsessed with the cases that we will use forever. They do an incredible job, which is super important when you’re painting on top of such special cases from Goyard.

  • Helena Quinn // Our favorite silk-monger Helena Quinn makes the most incredible pieces. We are obsessed with her robes, and I knew that for my wedding I wanted to get ready in a special monogrammed robe made by the designer Andrea. I got “Mrs Lehrer” monogrammed on a long white silk robe, in a tonal beige thread, which made me feel super elegant and just so happy while I was getting ready for the wedding.

  • Personalized Hanky Panky's // As my something blue on the wedding day, I got commando hanky panky’s and monogrammed them in light blue with BLT + the date of my wedding. They also offer their own personalization through their site, you can get dates + initials in rhinestones.

  • Eberjey Bridal Collection // Eberjey makes some of our favorite intimates, and its no surprise that their line of bridal intimates are just as lovely. They make a perfect lace garter with blue ribbon, as well as gorgeous and sexy lace sets and lace robes. These are definitely just the right accessories that you’ll want for your wedding weekend.

  • Mrs Ring Box // Every engagement + wedding ring deserves a pretty box. I got a monogrammed ‘T’ blush pink box to bring my rings with me to my wedding weekend.

  • Ephemera Bathing Suits // Whether you’re going somewhere beachy for your wedding or after (aka, honeymoon), Ephemera makes some of our most favorite must-have bathing suits. I wore mine to our pre-wedding trip to Il Pellicano (more on that trip, to come!).


Registries are a part of the wedding process. For those who are asking to get you gifts, these registries are some of the best I’ve found. Curated and well-made goods with style.

  • Anthropolgie Registry // Anthropology has some of our most favorite homegoods ever. Anyone else want a million things when you walk into the store? Well now is your chance to get those things, by registering with Anthropology. #HappilyEverAntrho.

  • Maison Midi // This chic French-inspired and worldly homeware goods shop in Los Angeles is the perfect place to register for goods. From unique plates to home accessories and more, you can find classy, yet fun, special, and useful items here.

  • Zola // Zola is a great overall registry because of it’s broad scope of items and vendors, as well as capacity to link to other brands and shops. They also offer the option to create cash funds for different purposes, which is also quite helpful.